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Dan Newell

Registered Physiotherapist

Dan graduated from the University of Toronto's Four-year Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy (B.Sc.P.T.) program in 1998 and has been an actively practicing physiotherapist ever since. Upon coming to Ottawa in 1998, Dan practiced in multiple clinic locations until establishing his own practice, Newell Physiotherapy, in December 2005.


As a physiotherapist, Dan has trained intensively in therapeutic techniques including myofascial release, manual therapy, specific exercise instruction and acupuncture. Dan has applied these treatment techniques to clients of many ages, with a variety of treatment needs. Clients come to Dan for the treatment of injuries including motor vehicle accidents, and chronic conditions such as chronic headache, back pain and pelvic imbalance. Dan's approach to physical therapy is to work toward restoring function, mobility and independence; and educating clients on exercise and preventing injury. Many of Dan’s clients have come to him with a history of unsuccessful therapeutic intervention and been pleased with the outcome of his treatments.


With over a decade of experience, Dan has always taken pride in his continuing education. Although he completed his university education fifteen years ago, Dan firmly believes that a physical therapist's professional development must be ongoing. Each year he completes multiple instructional courses to keep up with developments in healthcare and treatment research. Dan has completed wide-ranging professional training including manual therapy; joint manipulation; vestibular (vertigo) rehabilitation; and exercise courses for treatment of the back and core, neck, shoulder, and lower extremities. In 2007, Dan discovered the benefits of myofascial release treatments and has since completed extensive training in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and has been an Expert MFR Practitioner since 2011.


Dan is actively involved in recreational sports, including downhill skiing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), in which he has achieved a blue belt. His martial arts training affords him an understanding of economy of movement and athletic motivation to return to high-level performance. He is also a certified instructor of Hatha Yoga and realizes the health benefits of practicing yoga. Dan prides himself combining knowledge and experience from these different aspects of life, with physiotherapeutic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and functional body mechanics in his therapeutic practice.


At Newell Physiotherapy, Dan is joined by a highly qualified team of caring and enthusiastic therapists serving the clinic’s clientele.

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